Avoid collateral damage communication

Nearly one month further and we had never thought that our previous post would remain that actual. Problem after problem, the Dutch (NS) nor the Belgian state-owned rail company (NMBS) managed to deliver the promised services as they were led down during the maiden voyage of the Fyra. What started as a fairytale about a fast and efficient train between Amsterdam and Brussels, became a big disaster for all parties involved .

Last weekend, the DVIS -the independent state body ensuring the safety on the Belgian railways- officially banned the Fyra from the Belgian rail network.
By consequence, the NMBS has given the Italian constructor AnsaldoBreda an ultimatum of 3 months to investigate and solve all the problems.
Like in most failing projects, the end-users (in this case the passengers and travelers) are deceived the most.  Already 96 official complaints are registered by the ombudsman of the NMBS, others took even the airplane to fly from Amsterdam to Brussels or people bought a car to get rid of delayed and broken trains.

Collateral damage communication scheme

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