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What is … a (reverse) proxy? 0

What is … a (reverse) proxy?

This second post in the “What is … ” series looks into a (reverse) proxy.  The first thing to distinguish is that there are two types of proxies namely a forward proxy (or simply called...

What is … a firewall? 0

What is … a firewall?

A firewall can be either a piece of software (Cisco IOS, IPCop, IPFire, Windows Firewall, etc.) or a hardware component.  The goal of a firewall is to allow or disallow in- and outgoing network...

Definition of infrastructure testing 0

Definition of infrastructure testing

In this post we explore the term “infrastructure testing”. So, we looked for a standard definition which should be easy as there are long lists of internationally widely accepted testing definitions (e.g. ISTQB).  We...